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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Homegrown II: Pittsburgh Area Artists on Plant Subjects

14 October 1974 – 14 February 1975

This exhibition featured 44 Pittsburgh-area artists working in a variety of media to capture plant subjects. While considerably larger than the first such exhibition in 1972, this one consisted mainly of works produced since that time. The 77 works, on loan from the artists and private collectors, were produced by the following artists: Rose Bank, Charles Beacham, Joan Brindle, Virgil Cantini, Bruce Carter, Gary Colyer, Eva Lu Damianos, Elizabeth Donohue, Boris Dudchenko, Nancy Dudchenko, Grete Evans, Connie Fox, Diane George, Dona Groer, Susan Gurrentz, Jane Haskell, Harry Holland, Baird Jannarl, Gloria Karn, Jim Kovar, Robert Little, Larry Mallory, Mary Shaw Marohnic, Emma Masley, Dale McFeatters, Wesley A. Mills, Edith Nemeth, Carol Olbum, Norton Peterson, Edna Piersol, Robert Qualters, Thomas Ruddy, Bernard Sachs, Harry Schwalb, Louise Scott, Joseph Shepler, Elizabeth Slaney, Everett Sturgeon, Dorothy Tracy, Susan Tucker, Eva W. Weill, Douglas Wilson, Holward Worner and Piper Zinner. A brochure accompanied the exhibition.

A preview reception was held Sunday, 13 October 1974. A PDF of the invitation is available.

Promotional poster for Homegrown II: Pittsburgh Area Artists on Plant Subjects (1974).