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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Still-Lifes and Nature Studies from the George J. McDonald Collection

16 April – 15 June 1984

This private collection of mostly 19th-century, American still-lifes, nature studies and animal paintings, never publicly exhibited, included a generous sampling of works by New England artists, particularly of the Providence, Fall River and Springfield still-life schools: George Whitaker, Edward C. Leavitt, J. C. Spencer, Bryant Chapin, Abbie Luella Zuill and Jonas Joseph La Valley. Also included were works by P. Dieffenbach, Anna E. Hardy, George W. Horlor, Raoul M. de Longpre filius, Emile van Marcke de Lummen, David Emil Joseph de Noter, George Stevens and A. J. H. Way. George J. McDonald (1924–1998), previously with the United States Government in Washington, D.C., gathered his collection over a period of 25 years, mostly in Washington and on trips around his home state of Rhode Island. A catalogue and poster accompanied the exhibition.