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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Reflections from the Third Day: Photographic Revelations of Plant Design

20 November 1978 – 16 February 1979

This exhibition illustrated the use of plant forms in photographic art through the work of 25 photographers. The photographers included Ansel Adams, R. F. Ahern, David Aschkenas, Oscar Bailey, Karl Blossfeldt, Dennis Brokaw, Harry Callahan, Harold Corsini, Imogen Cunningham, Jean Dieuzaide, Irene Fay, Andreas Feininger, Lee Friedlander, Alexandre Georges, Clyde Hare, Joan W. Nowicke, Paul Outerbridge, Albert G. Richards, Joseph A. Rosen, Harold Frank Sherwood, Edward Jean Steichen, Paul Strand, Jerry Uelsmann, Brett Weston and Edward Weston. A catalogue accompanied the exhibition.