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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation


16th International travel exhibition on display

12 September 2022

Although we finally have opened to the public, we aren't quite ready to commit to an exhibition given the vagaries of the pandemic. We have decided to hang the travel show from our 16th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration (2019). Organized from the artworks that now are part of the Institute's collection, this travel exhibition features artworks by 37 artists who reside in 13 countries (Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, South Korea, Turkey, the United States and Wales). When the show closes in our gallery in December, we will again offer it as a travel exhibition available for booking until September 2024.

About the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, a research division of Carnegie Mellon University, specializes in the history of botany and all aspects of plant science and serves the international scientific community through research and documentation. To this end, the Institute acquires and maintains authoritative collections of books, plant images, manuscripts, portraits and data files, and provides publications and other modes of information service. The Institute meets the reference needs of botanists, biologists, historians, conservationists, librarians, bibliographers and the public at large, especially those concerned with any aspect of the North American flora.

Media Contact:
Scarlett T. Townsend