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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Out-of-Print Publications

Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden: A Blossom on the Bough (Online)

By James J. White and Lugene B. Bruno. 2002. 48 pp.; 27 col., 21 b&w figs.; 7 1/2 x 10"; 6 oz. Pictorial stiff paper cover. ISBN 0-913196-74-6.

This illustrated catalogue of a retrospective exhibition of Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden's (1907–2007) artwork at Hunt Institute is the only catalogue of her work representing an overview of her career as a botanical illustrator for books, magazines and reproductions. Accompanying many of the illustrations were selections from letters by Anne Ophelia to botanists, curators, colleagues and friends in her search for plants, descriptions of her challenges and delight in observing and painting them, and details about the process of creating books for publication. Included in the catalogue were an autobiographical sketch, portraits of the artist, her family and husband, and exhibition and publication information.