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Inspiration and Translation: Botanical and Horticultural Lithographs of Joseph Prestele and Sons (Online)

By James J. White, Lugene B. Bruno and Susan H. Fugate. 2005. 84 pp.; 75 color, 2 b&w figs.; 7 1/2 x 10''; 14 oz. Pictorial stiff paper cover. ISBN 0-913196-80-0.

This catalogue accompanied a collaborative exhibition between the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the National Agricultural Library (Beltsville, Maryland). Joseph Prestele (1796–1867) was a flower painter and a master of lithography, the technique of engraving on stone. Skilled in painting and botany, he produced work of aesthetic and scientific value. His three sons, Joseph Jr. (1824–1880s), Gottlieb (1827–1892) and William Henry (1838–1895), followed in his artistic, but not all in his religious, footsteps.

The catalogue includes the following essays: "The inspiration of an exhibition" by James J. White, Curator of Art (1982–2010), Hunt Institute; "The inspiration of William Henry Prestele as seen through the collections of the National Agricultural Library" by Peter R. Young, Director, and Susan H. Fugate, Head of Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture; "Recollections of a Prestele descendant" by Marcelee Konish; "Joseph Prestele: Art for the sake of the community" by Lanny R. Haldy, Executive Director, Amana Heritage Society; "A note on Prestele's lithographic technique" by Gavin D. R. Bridson, Bibliographer (1982–2008), Hunt Institute; and "Joseph Prestele and sons: A legacy of botanical illustration" by Adrian Higgins, Garden Editor, Washington Post. Then-Assistant Curator of Art Lugene Bruno wrote additional text and designed the catalogue. Graphics Manager Frank A. Reynolds did the reproduction photography with a Nikon D1X digital camera.


Page 29

Letter should be dated January 1845.

Page 82

Fig. 18 should read Veneered decorative box with painting inside lid, with the dedication Zum Andenken [In Memory of], Gemalt von deinem Bruder [Painted by thine brother] Gottlieb Prestele in Ebenezer, probably done in memory of his sister Karolina Elise (1835–1858).