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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Out-of-Print Publications

P. J. Redouté (Out of Print)

Intro. by Lotte Günthart, text by A. F. Günther Buchheim and André Lawalrée. 1972. Hard portfolio. 21-inch folio with 19 photolithographic reproductions and accompanying text with figures.

This folio contained photolithographic reproductions of the 19 mostly unpublished original watercolors on vellum and collotype reproductions of the 17 sketches by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840) in the Institute's collection. It was published jointly with the Gesellschaft Schweizerischer Rosenfreunde (Swiss Society for the Friends of Roses) with the watercolors printed by Institut Orell Füssli A.G. in Zürich, the sketches by Lichtdruck A.G. in Dielsdorf and the text by Buchdruckerei Gasser & Company in Rapperswil. Four images from the folio also were reproduced in a larger format. Instead of the normal four-color process, the watercolors in the folio and the larger-format versions were reproduced using a 13-color process. The four larger-format images produced were 10 15/16 × 15 5/8″ on 19 × 26 ½″ sheets.

Selected Artworks

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