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Out-of-Print Publications

Kate Greenaway: Catalogue of an Exhibition of Original Artworks and Related Materials Selected from the Frances Hooper Collection at the Hunt Institute with Essays by Miss Hooper, Rodney Engen and John Brindle and a Summary Register of the Full Collection
 (Out of Print)

Edited by Robert W. Kiger. Compiled by Bernadette G. Callery, Michael T. Stieber, James J. White and Elizabeth A. Mosimann. 1980. 112 pp.; 34 color, 134 b&w figs; 7 3/4 x 10 1/4"; 1.6 lbs. Printed on Curtis Hunt no. 2 paper. Gold-stamped cloth binding, inset color illustration. ISBN 0-913196-33-9.

After Frances Hooper donated her Kate Greenaway collection in 1980, the Institute mounted an exhibit and produced this annotated catalogue. In "Collecting, Kate Greenaway, and me," Frances Hooper detailed her collection and what it meant to be a collector. In "The singular vision of Kate Greenaway," Rodney Engen, noted scholar of the lives and work of Victorian illustrators, depicted Greenaway as an artist who longed to escape the grimy confusion of the city in order to stroll through country gardens. John Brindle's "Kate Greenaway's art in retrospect" examined the meaning of Greenaway's art today and its enduring popularity. Included was an annotated catalogue of selected artworks, books, manuscripts and miscellaneous items from the Frances Hooper Kate Greenaway Collection at the Institute. The book contained a number of color and black-and-white Greenaway illustrations.

 Also accompanying the exhibition was Young ladies with flowers, a full-color reproduction of a previously unpublished watercolor by Greenaway and one of two done to illustrate the double title page of a manor guestbook, 22 × 28". A 16-page checklist was prepared for use by gallery visitors.

Selected Artworks

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