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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation


Volume 2, 1965 (Online)

vi, 304 pp.; 79 figs.; 7 1/4 x 9 7/8"; 2 lbs. Cloth and paper covers.


Pages Contents
pp. i–vi Contents
pp. 1–28 Phytanthoza Iconographia in Iwasaki's Honzô Zufu’);“> Richard C. Rudolph, Illustrations from Weinmann's Phytanthoza Iconographia in Iwasaki's Honzô Zufu
pp. 29–58 Stirpes Novae’);“> Günther Buchheim, A bibliographical account of L'Héritier's Stirpes Novae
pp. 59–110 Dorothy S. Manks, Some early American horticultural writers and their works: I. John Adlum and William Cobbett
pp. 111–116 Chester A. Arnold, Some recollections of Percy Train (1876–1942)
pp. 117–137 John S. L. Gilmour, The Rev. John Laurence (1668–1732); the man and his books
pp. 138–140 George H. M. Lawrence, Jane Quinby (1901–1965)
pp. 141–161 Herbert G. Baker, Charles Darwin and the perennial flax—a controversy and its implications
pp. 162–170 Willem D. Margadant, Remarkable features in book collations
pp. 171–179 Bernard E. Harkness and Mabel G. Olney, John Walton (1824–1914): Artist
pp. 180–184 William T. Stearn, The five bretheren of the rose: An old botanical riddle
pp. 185–215 Alice M. Coats, Notes on some portraits of British botanists and gardeners
pp. 216–222 Carolyn J. Stanley, Short-title list of acquisitions, 1964
pp. 223–224 Departmental studies
pp. 225–226 Prints and paintings
pp. 227–240 John V. Brindle, 1964 acquisitions of botanical illustration
p. 241 Botanical portraiture
pp. 242–278 Theodore W. Bossert, The portrait collection and program, II
p. 279 Bibliographical notes
pp. 280–285 Ian MacPhail, Edition, issue, and state
p. 286 Willem D. Margadant, Uncut and unopened copies
pp. 287–292 Hortus Botanicus Americanus—a supplementary note’);“> Ian MacPhail, Titford's Hortus Botanicus Americanus—a supplementary note
pp. 293–296 Contributors
pp. 297–304 Index
p. 305 Colophon