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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Art Students Botanically Involved

14 April – 18 May 1973

This exhibition of 59 botanically themed works by 38 students from the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University included graphic arts, jewelry, glassblowing and architectural models

. The students included were Adria Arch (painting/sculpture), Linda Au (design), Wanda Bauer (design), Ron Benton (special student), Pamela Bomba (painting/sculpture), Howard Booth (painting/sculpture), Don Carter (architecture), Debbie Chory (painting/sculpture), Elsie Dalla Piazza (painting/sculpture), Myra De Luca (design), Roger Dumas (painting/sculpture), Deborah Feldman (design), Patti Goldberg (design), Joseph Gonzalez (architecture), Betty Lou Hawkins (painting/sculpture), Diane Heimer (painting/sculpture), Steven Iszauk (architecture), Baird Jannarl (painting/sculpture), Harriett Kermes (painting/sculpture), Susan Kosakowski (design), Charles Lucas (design), Renee Malowitz (special student), Patrice McFarland (design), Katie Morris (painting/sculpture), Joseph Pepe (painting/sculpture), Marsha Pillet (design), Carolyn Reisinger (painting/sculpture), Brian Robert (design), James Rudai (design), Kathy Sabec (painting/design), Grant Scott (architecture), David Tegeler (architecture), Edward Verner (design), Mary Wallace (design), George Wargo (architecture), Sally Weintz (design) and Raymond Wenzel (painting/sculpture). A checklist listing the artists and their works and a poster accompanied the exhibition. The preview reception was held 13 April 1973.

Selected Artworks

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