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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

23 Designers (Carnegie Mellon University Design Department)

12 March – 21 March 1974

This was the first public exhibition of the work of 23 seniors in the Design Department at Carnegie Mellon University. On display were paintings, three-dimensional product design models, illustrations, fabrics, posters, jewelry and photographs by Richard J. Arnott, Winfield Scott Brunkhurst, Jr., Judith A. Campbell, Allen G. Champion, Charlene A. Corbin, Janusz Ryszard Einhorn, Stephen Francis, Patti Goldberg, Lawrence J. Heinricher, Maria Paul Kyros, Cristina I. Kyshakevych, Craig M. Leverault, Susan Lipczenko, Maureen Movshin, Jennifer Navratil, Brian H. Roberts, James William Rudai, Kenneth W. Sauter, Jack Schwartz, Terry Lynn Siemon, Arlene Steinberg, Mary Wallace and Ronald Yonkers. Hunt Institute was pleased to host the event with a preview reception on Sunday, 10 March.

Also available was an illustrated catalogue produced by the Design Department.

Catalogue cover for 23 Designers (1974).