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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Plants Only: CMU Student Art

5 March – 6 April 1979

This exhibition featured works in a variety of mediums, including glass, woodcuts, silkscreens, sculptures, oils and watercolors, by students at Carnegie Mellon University. Students from any academic department across campus were invited to submit work on botanical subjects. The 57 students included were Karin Ahlstrom, Lisa Amowitz, Carol Baim, Mark Beard, Kathleen Butler, Susan Carter, April Cass, Erin Clark, Antoinette Coniglio, Laura Cooper, Michael Creese, Barry Debsky, Johanna Drew, Laura Drumm, Heidi Fieschko, David Finniff, Debra Fram, Edward Fresa, Kathleen Gates, Audrey Goldstein, Susan Helwig, Bill Hill, Mary Hoehl, Deborah Hosking, Sharon Jaffe, Lucy Ke, ?Keats, Walt Kisner, Linda Mann, Janet Martin, Mindy McNaugher, John McWilliams, Sheila Melfe, Annie Patterson, Jennifer Pitney, Michelle Polimus, Belinda Quan, William Reuther, Nancy Richman, Susan Ritzau, Donna Saber, ?Sample, Donna Scarpellino, Carol Schreitmueller, Dave Seaman, Susan Sloan, James Spiri, Stuart Suna, Steve Temple, Elisabetta Torossi, Susan Utzig, Hugh Watkins, David Watterson, James Weigle, Lawrence Welker, Bradley Whitermore and Henry Yocco.

Promotional poster for Plants Only: CMU Student Art (1979).