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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

10th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration

28 October 2001 – 28 February 2002

This show featured 103 artworks by 75 artists from 11 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States).

The artists included Helen Allen, Sergio Allevato, Timothy C. Angell, John Armstrong, Mariella Baldwin, Priscilla Baldwin, Sri K. Benham, Stephanie Berni, Valerie Bolas, Vivian Boswell, Rebecca Brown-Thompson, Elizabeth Jane Bruce, Lynn Callaghan, Lesley Catchpole, Sally Crosthwaite, Moya Davern, Jacqueline Dawson, Sally Emma Dawson, Siân Dawson, Angelique de Folin, Pierino Delvò, Beverley Ednie, Diana Everett, Gillian Foster, Linda Francis, Jenny Freestone, Regine Hagedorn, Carol E. Hamilton, Tadako Hayashi, David Herzig, Barbara Holmer, Constance White Ivey, Hazel Jarvis, Seiko Kijima, Margaret King, Michiko Kobayashi, Jee-Yeon Koo, Deborah Lambkin, Corinne Lapin-Cohen, Nancy Lawton, Chrissie Lightfoot, David Mackay, Masumi Matsuoka, Lee McCaffree, Fiona McKinnon, Mali Moir, Polly Morris, Cindy Nelson-Nold, Terry Nolan, Derek Norman, Anne O'Connor, Wendy Alexandra Page, Rose Pellicano, Ida Hrubesky Pemberton, Jenny Phillips, Bryan Poole, Heather Rankin, Celia Rosser, Takeko Sagara, Roberta Sarchioni, Kanbei Seki, Julie A. Small, Rafael McKenzie Soares, Christine Stephenson, Sheila Thompson, Alisa Tingley, Rufus Toomey, Virginia Tuttle, Omer Van de Kerckhove, Patricia Villela, Jan-Roeland Vos, Richard Wagener, Judy Wilson, Janet Wood and Keiko Yoshida.

The Institute established the International series in 1964 with the hope of supporting and encouraging contemporary botanical artists. Every three years, the International series attracts talented botanical artists from around the world. The works included in the 10th International proved that in the world of art the infinite variety of plant forms and colors still holds special fascination and offers undiminished challenge and delight.

A full-color, illustrated catalogue with biographical data, portraits of the artists and reproductions of the artworks accompanied the exhibition. Collectively, the ten International series catalogues included 890 artists and were the most comprehensive record available of contemporary botanical artists and illustrators to date.

In conjunction with the opening of the International exhibition, the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) held its annual meeting at Carnegie Mellon University (26–28 October). Hundreds of botanical artists from across the United States were in Pittsburgh to attend. Also Anne-Marie Evans, internationally renowned botanical watercolor painting instructor, taught a course at Chatham College (29 October–2 November) that was sponsored by the Institute and the Chatham College Arboretum and Landscape Studies Program.

Brussels Sprouts [Brassica oleracea Linnaeus, Brassicaceae alt. Cruciferae], watercolor on paper by Christine Stephenson (1937–), 1999, 56.5 × 38.5 cm, HI Art accession no. 7485, reproduced by permission of the artist.