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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

12th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration

30 September – 20 December 2007

This show featured 111 artworks by 64 artists from 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Italy, Japan, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, the United States and Wales).

The artists included Fusako E. Abe (Japan), Milly Acharya (United States), Deirdre Bean (Australia), Margaret Best (Canada), Elisabeth de Boor (United States), Bev Byrnes (United States), Carolyn Cappello (United States), Kang Chung (United States), André Demonte (Brazil), Rodrigo Demonte (Brazil), Josephine Eyston Elwes (England), Alison Gianangeli (Australia), John Gist (United States), Sarah Gould (England), Norma Gregory (England), David Hackman (England), Trevor Haddrell (England), Carol Hartley (Belgium), Mayumi Hashi (England), Celia Hegedüs (England), Caroline Holley (England), Karen Johnson (United States), Doreen Jones (Wales), Lauretta Jones (United States), Yoshiko Kamei (Japan), Ruriko Kato (Japan), Libby Kyer (United States), Fiona McGlynn (Australia), Hiroko Mima (Japan), Norio Mizukami (Japan), Naomi Morino (Italy), Patricia Newman (France), Catharine Nicholson (England), Mariko Nishimoto (Japan), Keiko Noma (Japan), Leonie Norton (Australia), Tomoko Ogawa (Japan), Susan Ogilvy (England), Hillary Landemare Parker (United States), John Pastoriza-Piñol (Australia), Howard Phipps (England), Kelly Leahy Radding (United States), Dick Rauh (United States), Silvana Rava (Italy), Margaret Saul (United States), Sue Scullard (England), Elaine Searle (England), Shirley Slocock (England), Halina Steele (Australia), Eva Stockhaus (Sweden), Peta Stockton (England), Dianne Sutherland (Scotland), Sandy Ross Sykes (China), Harue Takumi (Japan), Vicki Thomas (South Africa), Eriko Miki Tosaki (Japan), Julia Trickey (England), Sarah van Niekerk (England), Geri Waddington (England), Noriko Watanabe (Japan), Carol Weld (United States), Hazel West-Sherring (England), Heidi Willis (Australia) and Etsuko Yamane (Japan).

The Institute established the International series in 1964 with the hope of supporting and encouraging contemporary botanical artists. Every three years, the International series features the works of talented botanical artists from around the world. The works included in the 12th International prove that in the world of art the infinite variety of plant forms and colors still holds special fascination and offers undiminished challenge and delight.

A full-color, illustrated catalogue with biographical data, portraits of the artists and reproductions of the artworks accompanied the exhibition. Collectively, the 12 International series catalogues included 1,016 artists and were the most comprehensive record available of contemporary botanical artists and illustrators to date.

In conjunction with the opening of the International exhibition, the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) held its 13th Annual Meeting and Conference in Pittsburgh (27–29 September). Many botanical artists from across the United States were in town to attend.

Fritillaria meleagris [Fritillaria meleagris Linnaeus, Liliaceae], watercolor on vellum stretched over board by Celia Hegedüs (1949–), 2002, 30.5 × 30.5 cm, HI Art accession no. 7730, reproduced by permission of the artist.