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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Botanical Linocuts by Henry Evans

6 November 1966 – 25 March 1967

This exhibition featured about 100 linocut prints of botanical subjects, in one to four colors each, by Henry Evans (1918–1990) of San Francisco. Evans' work had been exhibited at the California Academy of Sciences and the Chicago Natural History Museum. It was acclaimed widely for the skill with which he effectively used his medium to produce great detail in line, variation in surface texture and three-dimensional effects. His multicolor prints, utilizing both separations and overprinting, were especially fine. Included in the exhibition were examples of color separations, color overlays, linoleum blocks and the prints pulled from them and a suite of photographs of the artist at work. A short catalogue accompanied the exhibition, and a limited number of his prints were available for purchase.

Those attending the preview reception on 6 November 1966 received a keepsake booklet with a signed 3-color linoleum print of the calypso orchid.