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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

An Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration by Lee Adams and Georg D. Ehret

1 May – 1 July 1967

This was an atypical exhibition by the Hunt Botanical Library. Although the artists were included in the same, short exhibition catalogue, there seems to be no connection made between them or the 70 items featured. On display in the conference room (now gallery) were 29 watercolors of tropical fruits and flowers by Lee Adams (1922–1971), most of which were on loan from the artist. Adams, who spent many years working under the direction of David Fairchild (1869–1954), was considered to be an outstanding artist of tropical plants, especially of tropical fruits. Displayed in the rare book gallery (now reading room), the lobby and the hallway were 41 items by Georg Dionys Ehret (1708–1770). Highlighting this display was the 1966 acquisition of 10 Ehret watercolors on vellum by the Library. They were created in the 1740s, and no evidence had been found that they had ever been reproduced. Six Ehret watercolors on paper and on vellum from Rachel Hunt's original collection were also displayed. Twelve engravings by Ehret for Christoph Jakob Trew (1695–1769), Plantae Selectae (1750–1773), and six for other publications were included as well as seven of the books from the Library's collection containing reproductions of Ehret's work.