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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Past Exhibitions

Spring Exhibition: 
Peter Takal Botanical Graphics
, Elfriede M. Abbe Botanical Sculptures
 and Norris P. Jones Floral Parchment Arrangements

21 April – 20 June 1969

This three-person exhibition featured 88 items by the artists. Peter Takal, whose work had been included in the 2nd International (1968) and also would be included in the 3rd International (1972), lent 65 of his botanical drawings and prints. Elfriede Abbe, whose work had been in the 1st (1964) and 2nd Internationals and would go on to be included in the 3rd and 4th (1977), lent 11 botanical sculptures, with two others being on loan from personal collections. Ten floral parchment arrangements by Norris P. Jones were loaned by the artist and private collectors. One was a demonstration of the stages of construction of a flowering stem of zinnia. A short catalogue accompanied the exhibition.