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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation


Director's Office





Adjunct Staff

  • Gilbert S. Daniels

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Mason Heberling
    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Assistant Curator
, Botany department, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

  • Susan A. Henry

    Adjunct Principal Research Scientist
    Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics
, Cornell University

  • Bonnie L. Isaac

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Collection Manager
, Botany department, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

  • James E. King

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Tucson, AZ

  • Edward P. Krenzelok

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Tony, WI

  • Masashi Ohara

    Adjunct Research Scientist

Graduate School of Environmental Earth Sciences
, Hokkaido University

  • Michael T. Stieber

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Batavia, IL

  • Ronald L. Stuckey

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Museum of Biological Diversity, The Ohio State University

  • Sue A. Thompson

    Adjunct Research Scientist

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Jaime Torner Pannochia

    Honorary Curator

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Luis Torner Pannochia

    Honorary Curator

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Alain Touwaide

    Adjunct Research Scholar

    Historian of Sciences, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

  • Frederick H. Utech

    Adjunct Research Scientist
    Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences

    Ligonier, PA

Earliest staff photograph, Hunt Botanical Library (now Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation), conference room (now gallery), 1962, photograph by an unknown photographer, HI Archives Institutional Archives collection. Standing, from left: Freda K. Harter (administrative secretary, 1962–1963), Olga P. Macek (bookkeeper, 1961–1962), Irene E. Kueshner (cataloguing assistant, 1961–1962), Mary Kalberer (student assistant, 1962–1963), Robert Pfaller (student assistant, 1962–1966), Joan L. Sabo (bindery assistant, 1962–1963), Jeane L. Criss, (office assistant, 1961–1962; cataloguing assistant, 1962–1965), Beatrice Johnson (housekeeper, 1961–1968), Flavia Zortea (assistant bookbinder, 1961–1970), Penelope G. Williams (bindery assistant, 1961–1964). Seated, from left: John V. Brindle (1911–1991; curator of art, 1961–1982), Thomas W. Patterson (1905–1972; bookbinder, 1961–1972), Ian MacPhail (1923–2014; bibliographer, 1961–1964), George H. M. Lawrence (1910–1978; director, 1960–1970), Helen Becker (cataloguer, 1961–1962), Willem D. Margadant (1916–1997; assistant librarian, 1962–1970), James D. Van Trump (1908–1995; bibliographic assistant, 1962–1963).