Rembert Dodoens

(1516–1585) [Dod.]

Dodoens was a follower of Bock and Fuchs, but he produced a Flemish flora, his Cruydeboek (Antwerp, 1554), that moved away from Fuchs’ alphabetical listing of plants. Instead, Dodoens grouped plants by their properties and reciprocal affinities. His Stirpium Historia Pemptades Sex Sive Libri XXX (Antwerp, 1583, 1616) divided plants into 26 groups and included a wealth of new illustrations.

Right: HI Archives portrait no. 2.
When Linnaeus cites Dod. pempt., he's referring to Rembert Dodoens (1516–1585), ... Stirpium Historiae Pemptades Sex, sive Libri XXX (Antwerp, 1616).
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