Gaspard Bauhin

(1560–1624) [Bauh.]

Bauhin, a Swiss botanist and anatomist, separated botany from materia medica, nomenclaturally distinguished genera from species, and discarded alphabetical enumeration of plants for groupings according to plant affinities. He was also a pioneer in binomial nomenclature. His Pinax (Basel, 1623) organized the names and synonyms of 6,000 species and dominated botany for a century.

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Gaspard Bauhin (1560–1624). Pinax Theatri Botanici ... (Basel, 1623).

Pinax Theatri Botanici contained names and synonyms for 6,000 species. This publication and Prodromus Theatrici Botanici (Frankfurt, 1620) marked a high point in 16th–17th-century botany.

When Linnaeus cites Bauh. pin., he's referring to Gaspard Bauhin (1560–1624), Pinax Theatri Botanici ... (Basel, 1623).

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