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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Out-of-Print Publications

The Torner Collection of Sessé & Mociño Biological Illustrations CD-ROM (Out of Print)

Catalogue compiled by James J. White, Rogers McVaugh and Robert W. Kiger; Historical Introduction by Rogers McVaugh; Photography, Digital Reproduction and HTML by Frank A. Reynolds. Produced by the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and The Universal Library; Published by Carnegie Mellon CD Press. 1998. 5 9/16 x 4 7/8"; 4 oz. ISBN 0-913196-60-6.

This CD-ROM featured 1,989 full-color digital reproductions of watercolor drawings from the 1787–1803 Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain in the Torner Collection of the Hunt Institute, with catalogue and historical introduction. The CD-ROM was platform independent and required a color monitor and a Web browser, preferably version 4.0 or higher of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.