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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Open House


Ever wonder why and how the Hunt Institute works to preserve and document the history of botany? Curious about what is at the end of the hallway behind that green braided rope? Long for a closer look at that elegant room behind the glass doors? Want to visit but can't find the right time? Our Open House is the perfect time to satisfy your curiosity, seek answers to your questions and learn more about us.

Open House 2018

Information about our annual Open House will be available in January 2018.

Schedule of events PDF

Fritillaire impériale [Fritillaria imperialis Linnaeus, Liliaceae], stipple engraving by Édouard Hocquart (?1789–?1870), ca.1821, 30 x 22 cm, after his original for Joseph Rogues (1772–1850), Phytographie Médicale: Ornée de Figures Coloriées de Grandeur Naturelle ... (Paris, 1821 [–1824], vol. 1, pl. 25, opp. p. 94), HI Art accession no. 1131.