Order from Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes

Linnaeus' students

Global voyages of Linnaeus’ students
Rob. E. Fries’ "De Linneanska ‘Apostlarnas’ Resor: Kommentarer Till Enkarta" in Svenska Linné-Sällskapets Arsskrift (Vol. 33–34, 1950–1951). Reprinted by permission.

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Some of Linnaeus' students:

Pehr Kalm (1716–1779)

Pehr Löfling (1729–1756)

Pehr Forskål (1732–1763)

Daniel Solander (1733–1782)

Andreas Sparrman (1748–1820)

Carl Peter Thunberg (1743–1828)

Olof Peter Swartz (1760–1828)

Duplanthera tetraphylla Br. [Duplanchea tetraphylla (R. Br.) F. Mueller], engraving by Daniel Mackenzie (English fl. ca.1784–ca.1800) after a watercolor by Frederick Polydore Nodder (English? fl. ca.1789–1800) based on a field drawing by Sydney Parkinson (English ca.1745–1771). © The Natural History Museum, London. Courtesy of The Natural History Museum's Online Picture Library.

This restrike, made for Captain Cook’s Florilegium (London, 1973), depicts one of the plants collected by Banks and Solander during Cook’s voyage round the world in the H.M.S. Endeavour. Thus Linnaeus’ ideas were perpetuated by his "apostles" and admirers. Banks wrote to the younger Linnaeus of his plans for an illustrated work of 1,100 engravings.