Leonard Plukenet

(1641–1706) [Pluk.]

Plukenet was Royal Professor of Botany and gardener to Queen Mary. Plukenet’s four-part Phytographia (London, 1691–1692) delineated new and rare exotic plants. Plukenet assisted John Ray in the arrangement of the second volume of Historia Plantarum (London, 1686–1704). Paul Dietrich Giseke (1741–1796) matched Plukenet’s species with Linnaeus’ in Index Linnaeanus (Hamburg, 1779).

Right: HI Archives portrait no. 2.
When Linnaeus cites Pluk. mant., he's referring to volume 3 (London, 1700) of the first edition of this work, the whole of which was published 1691–1705:

Leonard Plukenet (1641–1706). … Phytographia, sive, Stirpium Illustriorum & Minus Cognitarum Icones ... Secundo excusum. (London, 1769). Vol. 3. Almagesti Botanici Mantissa.

Note: Because our copy of the first edition is heavily annotated, we show here the relevant passages from the second edition. Both text and plates appear essentially the same in both editions, except that in the first edition the text mentions "fol. 236" instead of "fol. 239".
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