Joachim Camerer the Younger

(1534–1598) [Cam.]

A German physician, Camerer (also Camerarius) was one of the first botanists to include illustrations made from nature. His Hortus Medicus et Philosophicus (Frankfurt am Main, 1588) was available in Latin text only, plates only, or text and plates combined formats. Camerer’s travels through Germany, Hungary, and Italy allowed him to make accurate reports of distributions, while the new illustrations made botanical information available to those who did not read Latin.

Right: HI Archives portrait no. 3.
When Linnaeus cites Cam. epit., he's referring to Pietro Andrea Mattioli (1501–1577), De Plantis Epitome Utilissima ... (Frankfurt am Main, 1586). [edited by Joachim Camerer the Younger (1534–1598)].

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